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Zafar Anjum

Series Editor & Publisher

Zafar Anjum is a writer, publisher and filmmaker who lives and works in Singapore. He has worked with reputed media companies such as Fairfax Business Media (Australia), ENM (Singapore), MediaCorp (Singapore), Encyclopaedia Britannica (India), and Tickled Media (Singapore). Zafar is the author of many bestsellers such as ​The Resurgence of Satyam (​Random House India, 2012), ​Startup Capitals: Discovering the Global Hotspots of Innovation ​(Random House India, December 2014), and ​Iqbal: The Life of a Poet, Philosopher and Politician (​Vintage Books/Random House India, 2014). He is also the founder of Kitaab International Pte Ltd., Singapore, and Filmwallas Pte Ltd, Singapore. Zafar is an avid filmmaker, having produced and directed many short films, corporate films and documentaries. He is a member of the Screenwriters Association (Singapore).

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Shabana Zahoor


The co-founder of Kitaab, Shabana is a botanist-turned-techie-turned-homemaker and publisher. In her early career, she worked with or consulted for organisations such as Gene Campaign, Blue, Avanade, Shell Infotech, and CSC Technologies Singapore. Besides publishing, she now loves teaching kids, travelling and cooking yummy food.

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