Today, when latitudes shift, cultures collide, and we are all travellers in one form or another, in ways perhaps unprecedented, these stories must be told.
      — Dr Debotri Dhar, editor, TBASS 2018

Our Mission

The whole idea behind Kitaab is to connect Asian writers with readers everywhere in the world. Coming from this context, we felt that we needed to collect the best contemporary Asian writing across themes in edited annual volumes. We had seen this kind of anthologies in the USA, but nobody was doing it in Asia, collecting Asian voices. That’s how the idea behind the Best Asian series took shape. The vision is to create a series of The Best Asian writing in fiction (literary and speculative), crime writing, and travel writing. Each volume is a mix of new and seasoned voices that makes it so exciting. Through the pages of these volumes, you get a glimpse of what the respective societies in Asia are going through.

Our History

The first volume of The Best Asian Short Stories 2017 was edited by Monideepa Sahu, under the supervision of Series Editor and founder of Kitaab, Zafar Anjum. It has been widely reviewed in Asia and outside Asia. The critical success of the first volume offered us hope that probably there is a readership for this kind of work. Only time will tell if this series is sustainable but we hope for the best. Asian writers deserve platforms like this and we hope to provide one of those vehicles for their expression.

Read more about our journey here, here and here.

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